Thoughts on Contestants & Judges – The First Eight: Daddy’s Boy Fights Back

It was finally time for us to vote, but nobody jumped out and grabbed our attention. Well, nobody except Patrick Forston, who did so – along with his father – for all the wrong reasons. Let’s take a look at all of the contestants from this first group and how the judges reacted.

By now you’ve already seen Sting7’s recap of February 4’s show on RealityNewsOnline. But as I did last year, I will be providing my thoughts and impressions about the contestants and judges as well – right here on Foxes On Idol.

Kimberly Caldwell, who went first, was one of the girls involved in the snit (Julia DeMato, who went last, was the other – coincidence that they were as separated in time as they could possibly be?). Frankly, because of that I didn’t particularly like her coming in, but if Julia was willing to forgive and forget (at least publicly), then fine.

I was happy to hear that she would be singing Melissa Etheridge’s “Come To My Window,” and expected her to really nail it. She didn’t – at least not as far as I was concerned. I watched and listened and something just didn’t sound right. Was it that she didn’t have the right range? I couldn’t put my finger on it. She eventually hit a better stride with the chorus, but still didn’t thrill me. Later last night I figured it out, with the help of a post made on a message board – she seemed to be speaking rather than singing the words. I was, quite frankly, shocked when the judges thought she was great.

Patrick Forston came out and I wondered to myself, “Who?” It’s hard to believe that with outfits like that I wouldn’t remember the guy, but that was the case. And after the vote is revealed, I suspect a lot of people won’t remember him because he’ll be gone. He wasn’t horrible or anything – though I did cringe when he got to the first time he sang the words, “unbreak my heart.” Ouch. But I cringed a hell of a lot more when he argued with Simon about the way he was dressed. Then I took cringing to another level entirely when his father came out. Oh, please. If you need Daddy to defend you, it’s time to find another line of work. Apparently, Patrick didn’t read my article on What American Idol 2 Contestants Need to Know. Rule #6: No Matter What, Don’t Argue With Simon! I guess I’ll have to add to it for American Idol 3: And don’t let your relatives argue with him either! Most of the contestants who received criticism from Simon in this episode took it well. Patrick, who only was criticized for his clothes, fercryingoutloud, didn’t.

J.D. Adams had a nice voice. When Simon said he was just “okay,” J.D. didn’t argue, but rather said he would take it with a positive attitude and get better. Thank you, J.D. Now please go explain that to Patrick. Actually, don’t bother because he won’t be around any longer and you may very well continue forward.

Trenyce – where the heck did that name come from? She used to be Lashundra, and I have no idea why she changed it, unless it’s so Randy could more easily say her name three times. I guess “Trenyce, Trenyce, Trenyce” sounds better than “Lashundra, Lashundra, Lashundra.” Anyway, she was good, and also provided a good back story about how her employers had been supportive – until she made the final 32 and they fired her. Sympathy points never hurt in the voting.

Meosha, the second of the one-name-wonders, had a nice voice, but nothing that leaped out and grabbed me. Trenyce was definitely better.

But after she sang, we did get to see a short judge fight. The other singers in the waiting room seemed to be encouraging Meosha, but Simon and Randy pointed out that they don’t want her to do well. They are, after all, in a competition. Paula, ever the oh-so-cheery one, said no – she is just in a competition with herself. Baloney. Sure, they all may like one another, but that doesn’t mean they are willing to fall on their swords for somebody else. They want to win, or else they wouldn’t be here. Paula played so true to her stereotype it was ridiculous.

The third one-namer was Bettis, who had a horrible beginning when he told all the viewers that he hoped he wouldn’t burp, fart, or trip. Oh, yeah, that made me want to vote for you. Anyway, he is a dancer and it showed in the way he made his performance a bit livelier. I thought it wasn’t bad, but the judges disagreed. Still, he just thanked them and walked off the stage. He handled it well. His sister, on the other hand, did not, and starting whining about it. Wonderful. Is this why they added room for the relatives? So we could hear more complaining?

Charles Grigsby sang and he struck me as okay but nothing special. The judges seemed more positive than I would have been.

Finally, Julia DeMato sang. I thought she did well and in some ways reminded me of Kelly. The judges, however, did not exactly agree.

Tonight we’ll find out how America voted. I won’t offer any predictions this time because nobody really jumped out and grabbed me, nor did anybody make me say, “No way!” – at least not with their singing. We’ll see if actions spoke louder than song.

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