Simon Cowell


Vital Statistics:

Simon is an executive for BMG Music. In the last decade, he has helped sell over 25 million albums, had over 70 top-30 hits, and 17 singles that have hit #1.

Simon Admits to Faults, But Don’t Expect Him to Change, by David Bloomberg: Simon Cowell can look back at some of the things he’s done and admit when he was wrong. But that doesn’t mean he will change. Now that he’s back in England, see what he has to say about Paula Abdul, his relationship with Pop Idol winner Will Young, and, well, himself.

Simon Cowell: Why We Love to Loathe Reality TV Villains, by Kelsey Poyer: What would reality TV be without the villain? Well, rather dull. In this way, it is Simon who makes American Idol more exciting and pushes the contestants to sing their hearts out. Let’s take a look at how he has affected the show, and also back at past villains to see their impacts.