Paula Abdul


Vital Statistics:

Paula is a singer and choreographer who has had sold in excess of 30 million albums. She has had two #1 albums, six #1 singles, a Grammy, seven MTV awards, two Emmy award, two People’s Choice Awards, two Kids Choice Awards, a star on Hollywood Boulevard, and has been inducted into Nickelodeno’s Kids Choice Hall of Fame. Phew! She is also working on a new album.

Paula Abdul: Is the ‘Nice’ Judge Too Nice?, by David Bloomberg: Everybody knows that Paula Abdul is on American Idol to be the “nice” judge – the one who offsets Simon, aka Mr. Nasty. But is she too nice? Does she need to add at least a little bit of criticism into her commentary? Let’s take a look at what she has had to say.

My Night with American Idol, by C. Brian Devinney: Brian was able to do something that most American Idol fans can only dream about – spend a day with judge Paula Abdul and the two finalists. As an escort at the MTV Video Music Awards, he got quite a bit of insight into their personalities.