Charles Grigsby: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Charles surprised many of us by being one of the top two vote-getters in the first round of American Idol competition. Andrea takes a look at his singing and his choice of clothing ensemble on a night when another contestant took the heat for a bad outfit.

A baby face with a velvet voice, Charles Grigsby wowed American Idol voters this week by showing just the right combination of pure talent with a touch of butterflies. His fingers trembled a bit holding the microphone, but wouldn’t yours? And yes, his gestures while singing to the camera were trite, but how much practice has this guy had singing on national TV? How much have we all had?

In short, Charles was all of us on stage as we might be on our very best night – singing our hearts out to America and the judges, while hitting almost every note but not quite getting the moves down pat. Charles’ enthusiasm and talent was so evident that we’re all positive the finesse is soon to follow. I, for one, heartily approve of America’s choice.

But I’m not so sure if the judges do. Sure, they seemed pleased, but I’ll bet they would’ve loved to see both Julia and Kimberly make it, if only to continue the non-existent catfight.

Perhaps it will eventually dawn on Randy, Paula, and Simon that they could’ve sunk Charles in Tuesday night’s Fashionista Wars. I submit the wrong battle was chosen then. Who cared about Patrick’s black and white ensemble? What bugged me, and I’m sure not a few others, was the swaddling clothes of denim on denim that Charles wore, complete with ski cap chapeau that turned him into every teen who cruises the mall or hangs out at the corner store on Friday nights.

How ordinary, how bland. And how horribly it fit him. Wasn’t the “clothes hanging off the body thing” over a few years ago?

There’s no other way to say it: Charles is slim and small boned. Wearing a size so large that he looks like he’s drowning in fabric is not a good move. I’m no fashion maven, but I know that one should wear clothes that compliment strengths, not accentuate weaknesses. Charles doesn’t need to look any smaller than he already is. Save that trick for Patrick.

I’m not saying Charles needs a stylist… yet. His appearance could be vastly improved for the moment by listening to almost any sales clerk at a decent men’s outfitters. I’m sure cool and classy outfits exist for lithe, sinewy guys.

In addition, being indistinguishable from every other teen in the country is not the look Charles should be going for. He’s a finalist on American Idol now, and he doesn’t need to follow some sort of “street cred” fashion from five years ago to win respect or admiration. He already has both. What he needs now is a sense of himself.

In short: Charles, I love your voice and your win was well deserved. Now, go get some decent clothes and make sure they fit. Otherwise, I’m going to start calling you The Denim Fog.

Andrea Shuman writes for RealityNewsOnline on a variety of topics, and for Foxes On Idol whenever inspiration strikes. She can be reached at