Grossmont Union High 学校 区

We’re pleased that you’ve chosen to enroll your student with us. We take very seriously the privilege of preparing your student to achieve his or her highest potential.  We’re making great strides in our commitment to providing a safe and collaborative learning environment which supports academic achievement and social development for all students.
There is so much to be proud of in the Grossmont Union High 学校 区 and we will be sure that you hear about the many events, activities and examples of student achievement that define the Grossmont Union High 学校 区.
For more information about our 区, please browse to learn more about our various program offerings and be sure to check out our exciting Parent Portal which allows you to monitor your student’s progress, 成绩, 缺席, 和更多的网上. 
Bienvenido al Grossmont Union High 学校 区!
Estimado padre de familia o tutor:

Nos complace que haya decidido matricular a su hijo en nuestro distrito escolar. Tomamos muy en serio el privilegio de educar a su hijo para que pueda lograr su máximo potencial.

Hemos logrado avances importantes para cumplir nuestro compromiso de ofrecer un entorno de aprendizaje seguro e integral, que permita aumentar el aprovechamiento académico y desarrollo social del alumno.

Hay mucho de que estar orgullosos en el Grossmont Union High 学校 区, informaremos de manera oportuna sobre los distintos eventos y actividades que llevaremos a cabo y que distinguen a nuestro distrito escolar.

Puede obtener mayor información sobre nuestro distrito escolar en y no olvide visitar nuestro portal para padres de familia, donde podrá consultar calificaciones, asistencia y tareas escolares de su hijo.   
What about 招生 in non-traditional programs?

What about 招生 in non-traditional programs?

If your student has other special needs, please check out our Educational Options under “Our 学校" on the 区 home page. Options here range from home-schooling assistance, independent study, classes offered at Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College 区, Career Technical Education Programs, 成人教育, 特殊教育 and dafabet娱继续学校. Our district also provides services to two charter high schools - 螺旋宪章 and 斯蒂尔峡谷 Charter High 学校. You must contact the charter school directly to apply for 招生.