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类信息2021 - 2022

类信息2021 - 2022

This inservice opportunity is available for 运动队的教练 (学校或跑龙套的), 欢呼顾问, and P.E. teachers. District offered CPR/First Aid Training is valid for two years from the date of inservice training. If you are a coach (学校或跑龙套的), cheer advisor, or P.E. teacher who needs to attend CPR/First Aid training in order to remain eligible for coaching/teaching sports, please contact your Athletic VP Administrative Assistant at your school site to register for one of the training dates listed. 扩展课程项目 does not accept registrations directly from training participants.
Precautionary measures currently being taken (these may or may not be adjusted dependent upon CDPH guidelines at the time of the training):
  • Masks - each person attending must be wearing a mask.
  • Social Distancing - class sizes are limited to one person per table (15-20 participants in Classroom B, approximately 60% of prior class sizes).
  • Hand Sanitizer - dispensers available.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of premises, training equipment, and materials.
  • First Aid training - individuals will wrap their own legs/extremities during skills practice.
  • CPR training - breaths will be simulated, and one Annie allotted per participant.

The District will assume the expense for participants who sign-up for and complete the training. 

Individuals who sign up for the training should write a deposit check to the Grossmont Union High School District for $49.00 for Full Certification (recertification is no longer offered). All checks will be returned or destroyed for individuals who attend and complete the course. Checks for individuals who sign up for but do not attend and complete the course will be sent to the 扩展课程项目 office to be deposited by the District. This procedure is needed to insure that fixed workshop costs are covered with the CPR/First Aid provider.

In order to determine the number of necessary trainers and materials it is important that you call or email the 扩展课程项目 office ASAP to reserve a place for class participants. Please inform all CPR/First Aid partipants of the following:
  • Their names will be added to the sign-up list at 扩展课程项目 after 他们写了一张支票 $49.00 and give it to the Vice Principal-Athletics Secretary.
  • They should wear long pants to prevent knee abrasions or bring knee pads.
  • 他们应该带一支钢笔.
If you have any questions, please contact the 扩展课程项目 office at (619) 644-8017.

NOTE: The State of California no longer recognizes recertification . . . everyone must take the full class in order to receive a two-year certification card. Additionally the  District does not accept certificates/cards from courses taken on-line.

Unless otherwise noted on the flyer, below, all classes will be held at:

Professional Development Classroom B

301 N. Mollison
埃尔卡洪,CA 92021