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CTE 学生大使 at the Capitol

CTE 学生大使 Program

The CTE 学生大使 participated in a two-day trip to Sacramento to learn more about the legislative process at the State level as part of their leadership development. 学生 came prepared to share with state legislators about the Grossmont Union High School 区 schools, CTE通路, and their experiences as students. 

They were able to observe and connect with the issues that our state legislators oversee through committee hearings, as well through individual visits with State legislators. The CTE 学生大使 represented GUHSD well and were welcomed by everyone they met throughout the Capitol. They were accompanied by Frank Luera, Work-based Learning Specialist, 和布伦达Davis-Landini, CTE teacher and Student Ambassador Advisor.

The students spoke with Assembly member Shirley Weber before a committee hearing and met with Senator Joel Anderson's staff, who took them into the Governor's office. They also visited both the Senate and Assembly floor, with Senator Jim Nielsen and Assemblyman Randy Voepel, 分别. Our 学生大使 continuously demonstrate outstanding leadership and communication skills, while providing service to their school, 该地区, 和社区. They are passionate about the benefits of CTE classes and outstanding role models for their peers.

Who are the 学生大使 and what do they do?

The Grossmont Union High School 区 学生大使 are the student faces of 职业技术教育. Their role is to help promote CTE programs to a variety of constituents. Each year our Ambassadors speak to:

  • 学生 at their high schools
  • 地区中学
  • The East County Chamber of Commerce
  • Business partners at our advisory meetings
  • 立法者在萨克拉门托

If you would like more information on the Student Ambassador program please contact Nicole Thren at nthren@guhsd.网

CTE Student Ambassador Program