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The 建设和施工 Trades industry needs people who can work with their heads and hands to design and build office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls and housing communities. 一旦架构师 come up with a design, it takes a team of skilled trades people like plumbers, electricians, masons, roofers, framers and more to turn it into a finished structure. Craftsmen in this industry sector need a strong math background, good technology skills, and solid on-the-job experience. 

Is this Industry a Good Match for You?

Is this Industry a Good Match for You?


  • 擅长数学?
  • Interested in building things?
  • 具有团队精神?
  • Good at working with your hands?
  • 舒适的使用工具?


  • Enjoy project-based assignments?
  • Have a passion for hand-crafted precision?
  • Dream of creating a city skyline?
  • Want to build the massive infrastructures that connect and support our world?


Residential and Commercial 建设

The Residential and Commercial 建设 pathway provides learning opportunities for students interested in preparing for careers in construction and building design, performance, and 可持续性. The focus is on the manner in which residential and commercial structures are designed and built (Class B California License).
Sample occupations associated with this pathway:
  • 水管工
  • 电工
  • 建筑检查员
  • 估计量
  • 卡彭特 
This pathway is available at the following GUHSD sites: 埃尔卡皮坦,IDEA中心
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